An XPresso rig that lets you add slush to any object!

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Supported C4D releases: R16, R17, R18, R19
Required C4D modules: Thinking Particles – STUDIO EDITION
Version: 1.07

An XPresso rig that lets you add slush to any object. This is a pretty hard effect to pull off, especially if you’re on a deadline or you have a client breathing down your neck. And there is almost nothing out there that will do this quickly and easily. No tutorials, no plugins. Until now. The rig lets you create cool slush patterns based on where you want the slush to be. Features include:

  • Show/Hide Controls. Only see the controls you need. No clutter.
  • 10 Slush Material Presets
  • Special Running Slush Chunk
  • Extra Water can be added
  • Cool HUD Thumbnails
  • Baking with Transparency Option (Single frame ONLY, no animation baking)

  • You must have HUD turned ON in the Filter menu for the Thumbnails to work.
  • Load Slush from the Content Browser for convenience for the first time only.  Save this scene and open this the next time you wish to use the plugin. If you load from the Content Browser again instead of the saved file, you must log on to your account at and delete an API Activation.
  • Although parameters within the rig can be animated, the rig is designed for still images. Animation may produce unexpected results.
  • Baking only works fully in R16 and R17.

 Slush uses the CONTAINER PLUGIN by Niklas Rosenstein. You can find out more about it here.

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Single Site ($45), 2 Sites ($40 x 2), 3 Sites ($35 x 3), 4 Sites ($35 x 4), 5 Sites ($30 x 5)


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