Light String

A C4D plugin that adds a string of lights to your scene at the push of a button. Cafes, used-car lots, make-up mirrors, you name it.

Each version of Cinema 4D requires a different serial number for personalization.



Supported C4D releases: R17, R18, R19, R20
Required C4D modules: STUDIO Edition
Version: 1.09
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After purchasing, you will receive your plugin file link in a separate email. It will work right away and is custom-keyed to your personal C4D serial number.


LIGHT STRING is a Plugin that lets you add lights to your scene. You can use any spline to configure their appearance.

Light String’s Features include:

  • 5 Bulbs.
  • 5 Shades (with morphing).
  • Show + Hide Controls (no clutter).
  • Cool HUD Thumbnails that update to show you which bulb and shade you currently have selected.
  • Mix and match bulbs.
  • Global, random and individual light color options.
  • 2 types of Dynamic Cords.
  • Proxies to speed workflow.

  • You must have HUD turned ON in the Filter menu for the Thumbnails to work.
  • Light String will only render in the Picture Viewer.

Light String uses the CONTAINER PLUGIN by Niklas Rosenstein. You can find out more about it here.

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Single Site ($45), 2 Sites (2 x$40), 3 Sites (3 x $35), 4 Sites (4 x $32), 5 Sites (5 x$30)


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